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Innovative Exams is raising the standard for security measures in the exam delivery industry. Our solutions leverage next generation technologies to offer unprecedented content protection, fraud prevention, and client customizable options. We can help you decide which secure exam proctoring option's best for your content, our self-­service Kiosk or our Online Platform.


Gone are the days of only relying on the antiquated brick and mortar exam delivery model, with their high costs and limited flexibility. Innovative Exams is able to securely deliver your exams, expand your reach, and offer unprecedented convenience to examinees. Allow us to innovate your exam delivery and compare the results for yourself!

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Our model offers real value by reducing exam delivery costs by 20%-40%. Stop paying for the overhead of expensive testing centers. Everyone benefits from lower costs;; talk to us about personalized pricing options for your exam delivery.

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Innovative Exams extends the reach of testing programs by bringing the exam closer to the examinee. No one should be disenfranchised from certification, and pursuing their educational and professional goals. Opportunity and convenience like never before.

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